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Become part of a group that enjoys teamwork, always respecting personal choice and own time

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Low Sec Patrols

Those operations are PVP and consist of patrolling Low-Sec areas in search  for pirates or outlaws and neutralizing any possible disturbances in those areas.


Gatecamp Bashing

Those operations are PVP and aim at cleaning Gate-camps in Low-Sec areas, neutralizing any illegal activities in the so called "Bottleneck" zones.


WH & Null SWAT Ops

Those operations are PVP and aim at patroling WH space usually in Cov-Ops vessels, protecting New Eden citizens and breaking any pirate attempt on them during their stay in the area.



Those operations are PVP and aim at preventing Gankings from happening, do to the mechanical nature of Suicide-Ganking it is a requiring job and our Team leaders will make sure that you get to MASTER it in no time.

Training ops.jpg

Training Operations

Those operations are aimed at training our members in different areas, 1vs1 PVP, Fleet Tactics, Anti-Ganking techniques etc.
Training will increase overall skill and members Rank, providing specific knowledge, free ships, skins, Uniforms and other promotion rewards.

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PVE Operations

Our Team-leaders provide a series of PVE oriented operations and trainings for those interested, aimed at helping new members learn different aspects of EVE and teach them how to increase their content & income to feel sufficient and economically independent in the Universe of EVE.

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